The Kula Foundation was founded in 2010 by two occupational therapists specialising in Early Childhood Intervention. KULA is an abbreviation for Kids U Love Achieve.

Our occupation has lead us on a journey from rural South Africa to the bright city lights, from communities that depend on each other to urbanized life that depends on resources, from people enriched by soil and livestock to people enriched by consumerism. However, although our journey has established a sense of growth, one theme has remained central: our children are suffering.

As a result of our experience, and enforced by the increased number of children affected by poverty, abuse, neglect and most of all by HIV/AIDS, we have come to realise that we have a social responsibility towards the children of our country. 

Kula Foundation is driven by a team of dedicated individuals who acknowledge the value of occupational therapy and the much-needed support it can provide to less fortunate communities.