Why OT

Occupational therapy within the paediatric field is aimed at habilitating, rehabilitating, treating and stimulating children.  Children who have been exposed to adverse conditions generally suffer from global developmental delays. 

The reasons for the delays are endless and could vary from emotional and physical trauma to congenital disorders, physical disabilities or stimulation deprived environments.  Often these children are exposed within the early stages of life before they are referred to places of safety or orphanages. 

However, since the first few years of development set the foundation for future learning, effects of trauma and increased stress are often only visible when children reach school going age.

Children infected and affected by HIV/AIDS, orphaned and living under adverse conditions have more specific needs.  These range from general health and safety needs to more specialized educational and developmental needs. As occupational therapist we can assist in contributing to help meet the needs of these children. 

The Kula Foundation was established in an attempt to contribute and take responsibility for social change and reform in our country – starting with our children. Kula Foundation aims to empower associations, such as children’s homes, with the necessary resources and support to ensure that the children and families they serve receive the required early childhood intervention.

To get a broad overview of the different developmental levels that a child goes through please view the developmental chart kindly provided by South 2 South:Developmental Overview.